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Papillor — ultra active cream against all types of papillomas and warts, works from 3. the day of use. Start treatment now, booking the cream on the official website for only 159L. Three simple steps separate you from the pure skin:

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Let the papilloma and warts in the past

Papillor than the threat of hpv

Microtrauma, scratches, cracks and other surface damage contribute to the spread of warts and papillomas. Papillor — ultra active cream against all types of papillomas and warts, has a significant by penetrating the action, so effectively it works in several layers of the skin. The natural composition of the cream acts comprehensively, improves the overall condition of the skin sheets, and that means:

With prolonged use Papillorfor at least 2-3 weeks, disappear not only visible nodules and papilles, but also the reason of their occurrence. Natural antibiotics — extracts from the flowers of the marigold, st. john's wort, horse chestnut, which are part of the cream, gently acts on the problem from the inside.

How it works cream Papillor

The combination of active ingredients starts to run from the first use:

Confirmed the effectiveness of the Papillor

In 2016 the american institute, who specializes in the study of infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, he spent a clinical studies a cream Papillor. In the tests was attended by 300 volunteers with visible signs of HPV, which were divided into two groups:

The results of repeated tests carried out by scientists over a month, showed that:

  1. In 87% of patients who used Papillorit was observed a reduction in papillomas after 14 days of treatment, it is more, and the scientists were shocked, — the level of virus in the blood decreased to a minimum. More than 97% of persons from this group said that the absence of any adverse reactions.
  2. In the second group only 10% of the participants had a 5% reduction in HPV, while 30% was recorded increasing levels of HPV for 2-3 units. The remaining 57% remained at the same level. No visible changes were detected.

What is the human papillomavirus

There are more than 120 types of viruses of this type, from which it is studied only the half of it. In addition, 70% of humanity, mostly women, are infected, but only 30% of the infection manifests itself in the form of papillomas and warts.

Papillor skin and papilloma

Why is this happening? Skin — a protective organ, in which are represented all types of cells of the immune system. When there is impaired integrity of the skin barrier, microorganisms can penetrate in the downward extent into the dermis. If the sustainability of local immunity incomparable with the size of the parasitic diseases, there is inflammation, and micro-organisms reach the deeper layers of the skin.

To put it simply — our skin also suffers from immune deficiency, as well as the entire organism! Warts and papilloma — clear signs of immune deficit. Papilloma virus can be transmitted sexually, through skin or mucous membranes. For genital warts the likelihood of infection is almost 100%.

Why the virus is so dangerous

  1. Can cause cancer of the genital organs, including cervical cancer.
  2. Genital warts appear on the mucosa of the bowel in the area of the genital organs, when damaged, often bleed, opening the entrance for bacterial infection.
  3. Genital rash. The most common areas of occurrence: the skin of the labia and upper part of the penis.
  4. Disease Bowen. The skin of the penis is covered with bulging, wet with velvety admixture advanced acne with red, sharp edges.
  5. Precancerous condition develops in the cervical cancer in women infected with hpv types 16 and 18, which may transform in the tumor fabric.

The main advantages of the cream Papillor

  1. The confirmed results. It is recommended by dermatologists Romania for the treatment of warts and papillomas in domestic conditions.
  2. Struggling with the virus from the inside.
  3. The natural composition.
  4. No side effects. Unlike laser surgery, after which they remain pigmented spots and the use of the celandine, and the nitrogen may end in necrosis of the tissues, after the treatment which remain scars.
  5. The effectiveness of the Papillor — 100%. The result is visible on the first use.
  6. Speed. Completely removes the wart, papilloma or corns for 1-2 treatments.
  7. Price. Product you can buy for just 159L — find out the price in other countries, that everyone can afford.

Active ingredients Papillor

Papillor active ingredients
  1. Extract of calendula officinalis. Has strong antibacterial and antiviral act, and the therapeutic effect is achieved through a series of extracts of flavonoids, organic acids and vitamins. Suppresses the virus hpv, relieves irritation, redness and itching. It also has regenerative and moisturizing properties.
  2. Royal jelly. Helps to normalize blood circulation and lymph flow in the problem area, relieves inflammation, restores damaged lipid barrier. It also has an antibacterial effect.
  3. Extract Of Hypericum Perforatum. When the local effects on the skin, exhibits strong antioxidant properties thanks to its high content of bioflavonoids. It has anti-inflammatory, corrective, protective effect, helps to minimize scarring from papillomas.
  4. Extract from the leaves of Betula Pendula. Eliminates itching and irritation, fights with papilomyamu, inflammation of the skin and eczema. Accelerates the healing of wounds, soothes and moisturizes, removes irritation.
  5. The extract from the flowers of chamomile. Contains the valid substance has anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-allergic action. Restores damaged tissues, relieves irritation, protects the skin against the virus.
  6. Extract of propolis. The strongest natural antibiotic which kills the virus. Propolis contains flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory effects. Has pain medication properties, heals wounds and regenerates the affected by the virus of papilloma cells.

All components Papillor they are focused on the fight against the virus and the terrible consequences that it causes. Order the cream in Romania for the 159L — find out the price in other countries is only possible on the official website of the manufacturer. Start treatment right now. Get rid of warts and papillomas quickly, without pain and burns, once and for all!

A doctor's opinion

The doctor Dermatologist Ioan Ioan
9 years
Papilloma has on the body of each of the third person. For many years, we may not even realize that the virus living in us like a bomb. But if they are not treated, they can grow, bleed, and even degenerate into cancer. I work in Romania, I recommend to patients Papillor — ultra active cream against all types of papillomas and warts, it is a modern and reliable product. In addition, it can be used even without expensive analyses. It is also important that it is made of only natural ingredients, stimulates the immune activation of the organism, removes papilloma virus and purify the blood.